What are these puzzles called, where you work out the right combination of people,actions,colours etc?

Question by panacebo: What are , where you out the of people,actions,colours etc?
I remember doing a lot of these sorts of puzzles when I was younger – they involved scenarios where you had to work out a correct combination of people, what they were wearing, what they were doing etc. through several clues, for example:

Amy was not wearing the red coat, but she was gardening.
Bob was wearing a pullover.
Clare was eating lunch.

Then there'd be a grid where you could shade away the wrong combinations.

I was just wondering what exactly these puzzles were called. If you can find me any examples, especially with grids, I would be very pleased.

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Answer by Philip
Another form of logic puzzle, popular among puzzle enthusiasts and available in large magazines dedicated to the subject, is a format in which the set-up to a scenario is given, as well as the object (for example, determine who brought what dog to a dog show, and what breed each dog was), certain clues are given (“neither Misty nor Rex is the German ”), and then the reader fills out a matrix with the clues and attempts to deduce the solution. These are often referred to as “logic grid” puzzles.

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