Why do you think people assume that all dogs with stumpy tails are docked?

Question by timetravler: Why do you think that all with are ?
Do they not know that there are several breeds of dogs born with tails such as , , Bull dogs, Frenchies, and Corgi's to name a few?
Do you think it is just many people are not knowledgeable?

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Answer by 4Her4Life
The human brain is wired to categorize things based on past experience. Most dogs with short or no tails have artificially tails, so it's not a bad or unreasonable guess. Not everyone knows everything (obviously) and those of us who do know, should educate (kindly) when given the opportunity.

I have to do it all the time because I own a rare breed of dog (Belgian Malinois) that superficially resembles a very common breed ( ). I have learned the polite smile and correction from years of getting compliments on my “beautiful but petite ” or being asked “what my dog is mixed with”.

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    • Andromeda
    • December 26, 2013

    many people are not knowledgable, consider all the other missinformation traveling around out there, but many know as well

    it is how it is, many people just lack in knowledge all together about most anything too do with animals, i been too zoos and seen people go oh what is that and then have someone own name it an entirely different not just spicies but family of spicies, they got no clue unless there is a sign saying what it is

    while others have no need of signs at all

    • G'hound
    • December 26, 2013

    Knowledgable? Breed standard of AKC Boston Terrier says it should be born with a stumpy tail; AKC Bulldog can have either natural or docked with the latter being rare.
    But many of the less well-bred ones are not not born with naturally stumpy tails and so can get docked to help the sale. This is why, if it matters to you, it will pay to buy from people who do well in in the Dog Show Circuit,

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