German Shepherd Dog Training Essentials

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

The is a very noble breed with excellent working abilities. These dogs are capable of performing long hours of physical exercise without showing signs of extreme exhaustion. They are often used as police dogs, guard dogs, search and rescue dogs and also therapy dogs. The Dog is one of the best examples of a perfect working dog.


The German Shepherd Dog is also one of the most popular family and pet dogs because of its many good properties. Owning a German Shepherd Dog comes along with a great responsibility to train the dog. It is very important that the owner shall at least do basic obedience with their dog. That includes sit and down on command, sit and down stays and loose leash heeling. The recall command is probably the most important command of all for any dog, but even more so with the German Shepherd Dog.


German Shepherds are very strong dogs and you do not want to be dragged around the block when you take it for a walk. You need to be in control. When you have visitors, you do not want your German Shepherd to jump up against your friends. It is essential that you start your German Shepherd the moment it arrives at your home. From day one you should establish the packing order. Your puppy should not for one moment get the idea that he must fulfil the role of alpha.


Things your should not be allowed: ? Your puppy will be very cute and beautiful, they all are, but he should not be allowed on the bed or on the couch.

? He should not be allowed to play bite any human. If he wants to bite your hand, say “NO” in a growling voice and give him a chewable toy.


The most essential thing you should do with your GSD puppy: ? Your puppy should be well socialized especially the first few months of its life, but preferably for the rest of its life. Take him with you wherever you go. Let him meet other dogs, people and especially children


German Shepherd Dogs are such clever dogs and easily trainable and so willing to please their owners that it is really sad when owners do not train their dogs.


There are so many disciplines in which their dogs can excel for example: ? Obedience ? Tracking ? Protection work ? Agility ? Therapy work (depending on the temperament)


Which method should be used for training the German Shepherd Dog? It is wrongly believed that because the GSD is such a strong dog, that you should use strong and harsh methods to train the dog. Actually it is just the opposite. GSD's are sensitive dogs and so clever that they learn very fast when you use positive reinforcement methods with lost of treats and praise. Clicker training is ideal for training any dog but also the GSD. You still have to be very firm especially when it is a male dog going through his hormonal phases, but the key is consistency and patience. If properly trained your German Shepherd will be a joy and companion for many years.


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