what is a caucasion sheperd? And are they loyal,obedient and protective?

Question by Kaylie: what is a ? And are loyal,obedient and ?
I am looking for a big fluff ball that can be protective over me and my best companion. I asked what protective giant fluff ball to get and a lot of the answers were and 1 Caucasian . What dog is better, the German Shepherd, or the Caucasian Shepherd?

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Answer by вяιαη∂ιѕнυια ★★★★★ ♥уσυηg♥
german.. dey always make gud stuf

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    • King Les The Lofty
    • December 25, 2013

    Under THAT name, a not-a-breed, with an invented name (rather like when some Yanks invented the name “Australian Shepherd” for what were actually Iberian Collies).
    All genuine breeds are listed in the FCI’s web-site. The sheepdogs are in Group 1:
    What you ask about is probably intended to be a Ioujnorousskaïa Ovtcharka (South Russian Shepherd Dog) or maybe one of the 2 varieties of Polski Owczarek

    It is also probably the “Caucasian Ovcharka” mentioned in the AKC’s FSS list (meaning that the AKC expects to recognise it as a breed at some time, when its club has stabilised the type and/or developed a large enough breed-pool):
    Yank “dog people” are NOT good at respecting other languages and the rights of other nations to set the names of breeds!

    What are these pooches like?
    Any breed that is still in development is VERY variable – what is true for one member of a litter might be totally untrue of another member of that litter, let alone of other members of that breed.

    If the breed appeals to you despite its misleading changes of name, make sure that you get a trainer who is experienced at evaluating temperaments to look at the pups with you and tell you which (if any) are temperamentally suited for your needs.
    Personally, I consider that newbies should stick to whichever of their nation’s 10-most-registered breeds they like the attitude-etc of. There is ALWAYS a reason why a breed is “rare” – and the reason NEVER spells out “easy to live with”, whether because of drooling or hard-to-groom or poor health or snappiness or stubbornness, or just sheer size making it impossible for you to carry into the vet clinic when the pooch is damaged or dying.
    And with popular breeds there are hundreds of YahooGroups you can join to discuss & learn about the breed.

    Regardless of the breed, realise that you don’t get a dog unless you are willing and able to commit to:
    • A yard fenced to not just keep your pet home but to also keep stray dogs and stray brats OUT.
    • Staying home 24/7 for at least the first week, observing & learning your pup’s timing & signals, plus making sure that it trusts & LIKES you.
    • Feeding it no further apart than every 9 hours until it is at least 5-6 months old.
    • About a year of participating in a proper training club’s weekly classes, beginning when Pup is 18-22 weeks old.

    • Myra
    • December 25, 2013

    Have a GSD and I wouldn’t exactly call him a big fluff ball that is so undignified. If you want a fluff ball get a poodle or some other small breed. I just looked the Caucasian Shepherd because I have never heard of that breed and was curious and I am hear to tell you that is not a good looking dog, sorry My opinion. Any large breed might be protective enough to attack someone if you are in danger but then again won’t know unless it happens. As far as having one that will, that is called a trained Guard Dog and since you are asking which dog tells me you really don’t need a guard dog. I was gonna agree with Dog Section Reg. but on second thought don’t think gun would be a good idea either, better to just have security system installed.

    • Spud the Bull Terrier
    • December 25, 2013

    Caucasian Ovcharka, are really the kind of dog that should only be owned by experienced dog owners, if you are a new dog owner they are not the dog for you.

    • Hazel Owers
    • December 25, 2013

    Caucasian Shepherds are actually used for guarding poultry…so I wouldn’t get them to guard you unless you want yourself to be visualized as poultry!
    All in all dogs do not just become guard dogs. It takes a lot of patience and training. However if you want a loyal companion then a German Shepherd, Alsatian or Labrador are the most loyal canine companions to have at your side. As long as you train, feed and take good care of your dog then it is sure to become your loving companion, good luck!

    • Dog Section Regular
    • December 25, 2013

    Caucasian Shepherds are NOT for the inexperienced.

    If you want “Protection” get an alarm system, and a gun, not a dog.

    • Nekkid Truth!
    • December 25, 2013

    Caucasian Ovcharka are for people who are experienced dog owners.. if you have to ask about one, odds are, you are not experienced enough to own one.

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