I need some help with my German Shepherd?

Question by joe: I with my ?
Just 4 days ago I got a 7 month old from a breeder. She mainly spent her first 7 months in a fenced in yard with her parents. When we first had her she was nothing but scared and nervous, but she has improved a little over the first few days. She is very sweet and a pretty quiet dog, as I slept with her the first few nights. She clearly needs basic though. For one it seems hard to walk her on a leash and get her trained on one, as she was never introduced to a leash before. Also, It seems to be very hard to get her outside to go to the bathroom. She'll go outside once a day and the rest of the time she goes in the house. Also, it seems hard to give her treats, as she doesn't accept them right away, unless I to still look for a different treat until she finds what she likes. And one more problem is she likes to lay down and hide under the coffee table in my living room. Some of the time it's hard to get her to come out. I was told to try to get her a crate as a substitute as that may ? But when she does come out she loves to play with me and chew up the stuffed animals that I got her. If I could have some tips to help those problems that would be great. Thanks!

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Answer by EliAnna
Yes get a crate or a kennel.. Also watch the animal channel.. And google Shepards..

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    • Myra
    • December 23, 2013

    You said it yourself, she needs basic training and that is where you come in. Take her out several times a day and give her time to do her thing, when she does give her praise not treats. For the time being and it won’t take long keep her in your sight when in the house and if it looks like she is looking for a place to empty tell her no and take her outside and praise her when she goes. It won’t take long for her to get the pic. as GSDs are very quick to learn. Get her toys that she can’t chew up as that can be dangerous for her. Her going under the table is not a problem, let her. I am not a believer in putting any dog in a cage. All my pups slept in bed with me so when they stirred at nite I would get up and take them out, then back to bed. If you are going to give her treats then you need to include them as food because you need to keep her weight in check. You would learn a great deal from going to a puppy class. Not only will it help you with training but this breed needs to be socialized from the get go. Good luck with the training.

    • Dont Judge Me Pls
    • December 23, 2013

    Put her down, old yelled style.

    • Jason
    • December 23, 2013


    As far as the leash training goes, you will help to constantly work on it. Seven months is pretty old for a dog to just start leash training, but it can be done. I have a 90 pound black lab. Since, we have such a large fenced-in yard (about 3 acres), we never really had to take him any where and the vet came to us. When we finally decided to take him to a dog walking marathon, it was a disaster. He was basically not having it. Today, he is much better, due to practice. Practice makes perfect.

    As far as the table goes, that’s normal. Dogs are den animals, so they like to be in dark tight places. The way I get my dog from under my bed is offer her something better than the bed. In her case its chicken…lol.

    And the bathroom thing, here are some tips.

    First, the key to successful potty training is a constant schedule. Dogs are animals of habit. If you take them out at the same time, they will eventually come to realize (usually quickly) that they can’t go when they like it. They will realize they have to wait. It’s also a good idea to feed your dogs at the same. If they eat at different times, they will . . . at different times.
    Second, chose potty training tactics that work best for you. If you know you will be gone for longgg periods (nurse or doctors) of times a day, try a “doggy box”, which is a litter box for dogs. If you have a regular 9-5, waking up an hour early to take your pet out will work wonders. If your schedule changes regularly, try to take your pet out as close as possible.

    Plus, it may be he is just an outside dog, since he lived most of his life outside.

    Hope this helps

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