Training German Shepherd Schutzhund

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

courses is a activity that established in Germany noisy . twentieth century in order to test a variety of Shepherd types for future use as police dogs. Rather than using a dog's appearance as a way of determining if the dog would be effective, Schutzhund allowed trainers to get the best suited animals to do the job. These days, a lot of are permitted to participate in Schutzhund , though very few dogs actually pass.

The Fundamentals of

is definitely a rigid, highly structured process that has evolved during the last 100 years. It is markedly less abusive toward the dogs than when it started, but still just as strict, as is necessary to fully evaluate each animal. While in the past, the majority of the Schutzhund courses that took place was based on a number of manuals and organized classes, today there are DVDs and video tutorials that help dog owners start the process.

The exact training courses will test a dog in a great deal of different specific behaviors that are fantastic for police work, including tracking, sniffing, protection, and retrieving. Most will begin when the dog is no many weeks old and will last for weeks or even months to ensure the dog is perfect for the job.

The Quality of Schutzhund

Electrical power aspects of . The training course you use will also depend on which video tutorials or obedience process you prescribe to. Most Schutzhund classes will focus on the following, however:

Dog clicker Training courses – Not all Schutzhund trainers will use clickers, but it is considered a nearly universal method that works extremely well with and other Schutzhund suitable types. Training courses with a clicker should be begin at a very young age – around 10 weeks.

Obedience – Basic behavior training training courses is the first true test in Schutzhund dog training courses. There are 10-11 basic obedience commands used in most programs. These include “focus and attention”, “sit, down and stand”, front, pointing out of an object, targeting, heel positioning, heeling, retrieving, jumping, motion exercises, and “go out”. Full completion requires mastery of all 11 training points.

Tracking – Dogs training to track different objects, including drugs, bombs, and cadavers, will be trained exclusively in tracking methods. Using the “targeting” and “pointing out of an object” obedience cues, Schutzhund dog training courses will teach the dog to recognize the specific scent of their target and then to pursue until called off.

Protection – Dogs are often trained to protect, as may be the case with police dogs, attack dogs, and guard dogs. They are trained with specific commands to both identify a threat and attack that threat. Alternatively, they could be trained to protect a specific object or person without commands.

The quality of Schutzhund is to provide a dog with a very highly specific set of skills they can use to complete a given task quickly and efficiently. Dogs in official training courses programs might complete training courses for a price of 20% or lower. However, Schutzhund dog training can be just as effective as an obedience regimen for dog owners at home.

If you're considering using Schutzhund to train your own dog, make sure you research the a range of training classes based on their success rates and the underlying philosophies used.

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