Q&A: Is there a specific BREED of dog known as German Police?

Question by varun L: Is a of dog as German ?
My husband says there is and I say there is not. I know there is a German and an American Shepherd but I have never heard of a

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Answer by myspiderungoliant
There is no such breed. The German shepherd and Belgian malinois are often used for police work, but there is no breed called German police.

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    • katjosilverado
    • December 19, 2013

    No, there is no such thing as a German Police Dog.
    The GSD has a wonderful history behind it, and through time has developed into different ‘strains’ of the breed being able to be found: American Champion Line, West German Show Line, West German Working Line, East German/DDR Line, Czech Border Patrol Line, Hungarian/European Show Line, Belgium Working Line, and others. All are true GSDs, but the degree of overall conformation and amount of drive typically makes each slightly different and thus mentioned different from one another.
    The working line GSDs are the ones typically used in police work and bomb detection units due to their higher drive for working, hence them sometimes being called ‘German Police’.
    They are all important in their own right, and in accordance to what an individual fancier favors.

    • Husky LOver
    • December 19, 2013

    The German Police Breed is a german shepherd as they are used as police dogs in many countries , and they are german.

    • sandy t
    • December 19, 2013

    My grandparents used to call German Shepard’s “German Police dogs”.I don’t know when or where it started, but I’ve heard it before!

    • Shepherdgirl §
    • December 19, 2013

    There is no such breed so you can tell your hubby he is wrong. LOL

    • Wade R
    • December 19, 2013

    YES but they are hard to find.
    They are usually found at Beer Bars drinking dark Beer with German Police officers.Very hard to house brake.

    • Nekkid Dog ©
    • December 19, 2013

    my ex hubby always insisted that there was such a breed too.. he’d point to a nice German Shepherd and insist that it was a German Police.. and tried to tell me there was a difference between the GSD and GP.

    There is no such breed. There are many breeds used by police.. GSD’s, belgian malinois, etc… but there is no such breed called “German Police”

    • Shelby L
    • December 19, 2013

    i asked this question also because my mom always said that when she was a kid she had a German police in her case it was a German Sheppard but sometimes they’re dobermans

    • cagney
    • December 19, 2013

    there is no actual breed. german shepherds, doberman’s and rotties have all been used and referred to as german police dogs.

    • Iggy Schnauzer Demon
    • December 19, 2013

    There is no registered breed known as a German Police, the dogs picked this up from the Germans, due to the police using them for Police Dogs…no registered breed.

    Breeder 15 yrs

    • Buttasandbabies
    • December 19, 2013


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