How do you know if your puppy is teething?

Question by Talker: How do you if your is ?
My puppy is round about 17-18 weeks old, she's a but we think she's teething. She ripped through THICK yes THICK lionel flooring, ate a shoe, chewed our fire place corners, ate her own collar and a frisbee…yes a frisbee. Is she teething or is she just hungry. We feed her four times a day (One large dinner of biscuits, A bowl of dog meat at dinner, Biscuits for tea and then a small meat dish for supper)

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Answer by Bowi
OMG ! Yes of course she's teething and by the sound of it she's bored.
Buy her some large dog toys. Give her an ice cube – freeze a knotted towel for her to chew – you can even put toys in the freezer. The coldness is very soothing for her gums. Expect this behaviour for some time !!

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    • Missesb93
    • December 17, 2013

    She is deffinatly teething.

    • tarielle_au
    • December 17, 2013

    Your puppy will be teething until her baby teeth fall out – usually around the 5-6 months of age mark.

    Buy some toys that are designed for teething puppies. A kong will keep her busy. Put some biscuits or food inside that she has to try to get out.

    A big rawhide chew will also keep her out of trouble for a while.

    Head to your local pet store and ask them for appropriate items to give a german shepherd for teething.

    For items you don’t want her to chew on like the fire place and furniture, buy some decongestant rub and smear a little bit on those areas. Dogs hate the smell of it and won’t go near where you have put it.

    • SurfNBoard
    • December 17, 2013

    Yes, she is teething, she is totally in her landshark phase, shepherds have a crazy need to chew. You need to give her a number of different chews. And yes, she does sound like she is bored.

    My dog once chewed the entire leg off a kitchen chair, and ripped up the floor in my kitchen. He destroyed a car tire that was outside.

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