What type of dog food is good for a 10 Week old German/Australian shepherd?

Question by ocn360: What of dog is good for a 10 Week old German/Australian ?
I bought a 10 week old german/australian shepherd today and would like to know what type of food if good for him. I would like specific brands and/or puppy products.

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    • Rosalie
    • December 11, 2013

    Aussies can eat a lot of things, but German Shepherds are notorious for having very sensitive stomachs. I would stay on the safe side, and opt for the Royal Canin German Shepherd Formula. It can be magic for the GI tract of a GSD, and is also decent food. It is also formulated for a large boned dog so as to try and avoid orthopedic problems associated with rapid growth. You need to stick with either adult food, or large bred puppy formula no matter what.

    SInce your dog is half Aussie, you should also know about the existence of the MDR-1 genetic mutation that can be present. There is a test, and knowing whether or not your dog has it can help save his life down the road:

    Notice that one fo the drugs that can be dangerous to your dog is ivermectin. This is the active ingredient in Heartgard, a monthly heartworm preventative. This is also a related drug to the active ingredient in Revolution as well. There is a better alternative in the drug Interceptor, which is a monthly heartworm preventative that actually has a greater margin of safety, and kills more type of worms. That is also available at your vet’s office, you just may have to ask for it.

    this is an important thing to know before giving your dog any medication, and it is critical that you have a copy of the test results as well as the explanation of the defect and its meaning in your dog’s folder at the vet’s. It can allow more of any drug go through the bolood brain barrier that other wise should be limiting the amount of most drugs to reach the brain – and that can mean the difference between life and death.

    Please make sure to sign up for a good puppy kindergarten – ask your vet for a referral, and stick with a trainer who undertands and works with herding breeds. This is a very intelligent, intuitive and sensitive dog you are about to recieve – one who will read your mind, and solve problems you never knew you had. You will need to keep him busy, and make sure you are up to having a dog that works with you all day long.

    This is no house pet – I hope you are ready for this!

    Get a copy of What All Good Dogs Should Know
    A Gentle Leader
    A good leash
    Some good walking shoes

    You’re gonna need them!

    • ladystang
    • December 11, 2013

    blue buffalo, nutro ultra and wellness are the top three to me

    • ♥ Onyx ♥ ßeśŧ Øf ßŕeeđ Ćhi
    • December 11, 2013

    I feed my German Shepherd “Acana Grasslands” dog food (made for all life stages) and he is thriving. You should choose a grain free food that has a lot of named meats as the main ingredients. Dogs don’t need corn, soy, wheat, by products, animal digest, or artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives in their food.

    • Animals xoxo
    • December 11, 2013

    Try an all natural food like Blue Buffalo or Taste of the Wild, you can tell if the brand is all natural by reading the back of the bag, avoid foods with preservatives or chicken by-product, also, make sure the bag says that it is for puppies, otherwise he will not recieve the proper fat/nutrients he needs.

    Switch him/her to DOG food when he turns a year old, Good Luck!

    • Fred
    • December 11, 2013

    We feed our dog Chinese food.

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