What is the Right Age to teach a german shepherd to play Frisbee ?

Question by : What is the Age to a to ?
i wanted to know when is the right age to a to play my shepherd is 2.5 months and he cant hold a frisbee with his mouth so i just wanted to know the age 😀 ?

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Answer by cherry
Well obviously not yet. Patience lol.
Also, you shouldn't be stressing his bones/joints too much while he's developing.

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    • Jennyu
    • December 11, 2013

    The right age to teach a German Shepard would be at least one years old or older.This is because German Shepard puppies bones and joints are still developing. Playing Frisbee requires a lot of joint action.

    • Sammi
    • December 11, 2013

    Start off by playing with the frisbee with him when he can hold it, to increase his interest. Play tug with it for example. As he grows, start to throw it, but low to the ground, as you don’t want to stress his joints and bones while he’s growing. When he is grown fully, or at about 12 months, start throwing it a little higher. By 18 months he should be fully grown and almost completely developed, but it may be best to wait until 2 yrs, this would be the age where you can start him jumping for it. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Cookie
    • December 11, 2013

    DO NOT allow your GSD to jump for a frisbee until the growth plates have closed in his legs, usually by 18 months to 2 years. In the meantime, you can teach him to retrieve, even at the tender age of 2.5 months. Go to;


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