Good Christmas Gifts for Pets

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Good Christmas Gifts for Pets

The holiday season is a for giving and picking out the perfect gift can often be a challenge.  Especially when it comes to choosing presents for our favorite furry friends who can’t exactly tell us what they would like.  Here are some recommendations on great Christmas gifts for pets!

1.  Let your favorite dog relax in style Christmas with this Contemporary Pet Sofa from Snoozer.  This high quality sofa has a microsuede cover that is machine washable and is available in many color/accent combinations.  Choose the colors that best fit your pet’s personality and even have it personalized with their name to add that extra special charm!

2. The holiday is a filled with tasty treats, but that doesn’t mean your pet can’t have a healthy meal that tastes great too!  Try Sojos dog food in turkey, beef, grain-free, or original flavors.  You can have a fresh, homemade taste by simply adding water to this gluten-free food.  Don’t let your cats feel left out!  Sojos also offers a turkey flavored cat food.  Check out the list of recognizable and delicious ingredients and give your pets a health and happy holiday dinner!

3. After the holiday dinner, let your cats enjoy hand-harvested catnip from Sojos.  This catnip is carefully dried so it retains its ability to keep your cat enjoying their new present!

4.  Got a lot going on over the holidays?  Give your dog a present that will help them keep up the energy to enjoy all the festivities with Power Bones, energy treats for active .  This treats are nutrient rich with no artificial colors, flavors,or added animal fat.  These treats have fast-burning carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables for a quick burst of energy and slow-burning carbohydrates from coconut oil and oats for sustained energy.

5. Let your dog have some fun this holiday with a new toy from Tuffy.  These toys have a durable construction and you can see where they rank on the Tuff Scale to find the perfect one for your pet!  These are easy to toss for play time and machine washable for easy clean. Play fetch, play catch, and have a great time with your pet.

6.  We all love our pets, but we have to admit that it is extra nice to love your pet in a clean, fresh home.  So, round off your pet’s christmas presents with some Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover.  This non-toxic solution comes in a unique tablet form which is great for a stocking stuffer!  Just add water to the tablet to unleash the power of CO2 and mix up supercharged cleaning solution. Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover will remove stains and eliminate odors and most importantly it is a non-toxic and eco-friendly product!

No matter what you get for your pet this Christmas, remember that the best present you can give them is your love and time!

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