Where can i purchase a german shepherd in canberra?

Question by DomRoxYaMama: Where can i a in ?
If anyone can help me out with this one, thank you. I'am looking for a new companion in my life. So why not a german , i have had experience with them in the past as a family member has had one and my other dog is lonely during the day. The times don't have any for sale, neither do the pet stores such as Pets Paradise, and do not wish to adopt one, looking 4 a female german . Thank you for any help.

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Answer by Bare Nekkid TRUTH!
breed clubs can refer you to reputable breeders..

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What is the diference between american and german lines of german shepherds?


    • King Les The Lofty
    • December 10, 2013

    Neither a “german shepherd” nor a “canberra” exists.

    And don’t you DARE think of giving money to a pet shop (or its puppy-mill suppliers) or a BYBer for a puppy! Giving THEM money just encourages the sods to keep on churning out their low-cost low-quality “product” and ruining the reputations of the breeds they claim to he supplying.

    Either go to a reputable breeder who has done all the tests and uses only Breed Surveyed stock and provides a worthwhile printed-&-signed Guarantee, or go to a rescue group or the SPCA. You can’t breed or show with a rescued pet, but you can get special registration to let you compete in Agility, Companion-Utility Trials, Flyball, Obedience Tests, Tracking and – if the pair of you are good enough as a team – your pet can become an Ag.Ch. or Ob.Ch. or WT.Ch.

    Canberra being just a pimple, there are few reputable breeders there (one of my pen-friends lives just across the border, by the airport, across the road from the parkland where the fire helicopters parked for the night during your huge bush fire about 3 years ago; she drove through NSW & Queensland to find a breeder she could respect).
    http://www.actgsda.org/ will put you in touch with your local club, in case there is anyone in the ACT with a pup they’d be prepared to sell you, but I reckon you’ll need to go the GSD Council of Australia’s list of member clubs http://www.gsdcouncilaustralia.org/affils.htm to get addresses in southern Q’land and northern NSW.

    If, after discovering the prices that Aussie breeders charge, you decide to go for a rescue but can’t find one locally, click my photo then send me your e-address, and I’ll pass it to a rescue worker in Q’land to see whether she can connect you to a group.

    Be aware that you MUST participate in weekly training club classes as of when Pup becomes 18-22 weeks – or, if you rescue one that has already reached or passed that age, 3-4 weeks after obtaining it (meaning as soon as it likes & trusts you) so that YIU can be coached on how to be an effective trainer. That applies whether you want just-a-pet or a competition pet.

    • Add http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/The_GSD_Source to your browser’s Bookmarks or Favorites so that you can easily look up such as feeding, vaccinations, worming, clubs, weights, teething, neutering, disorders, genetics.

    • To ask about GSDs, join some of the 400+ YahooGroups dedicated to various aspects of living with GSDs. Each group’s Home page tells you which aspects they like to discuss, and how active they are. Unlike YA, they are set up so that you can have an ongoing discussion with follow-up questions for clarification. Most allow you to include photos.
    Les P, owner of GSD_Friendly: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/GSD_Friendly
    “In GSDs” as of 1967
    who reckons that people wearing wattle-green-&-gold make GREAT shark bait!

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