Is it fair to say that there aren’t many (temperament) surprises with a pure-bred animal?

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Question by jovianembassy: Is it fair to say that there aren’t () surprises with a pure-bred animal?
I myself, prefer animals, because I believe that they are healthier, and I don’t like the idea of someone breeding dogs and cats, when the size of their populations don’t need our help.

But as a cat person, I’ve only really been around Shepherds (and I love them). I’ve been considering getting one for years now, but I’m thinking I should get a pure breed, because I’m hoping that a pure breed is more aligned with the temperament that one would expect from a German . Am I more likely to get one with the quintessential “German Shepherd” personality if I get a pure-breed as opposed to a mixed-breed?

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Answer by UnknownAskers
Most breed temperaments are similar, however each dog is different. Breed standards are only rough guidelines to the breed. (For example, I know someone with the LAZIEST dog ever, and he’s a boxer)

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Q&A: Is it fair to say that there aren’t many (temperament) surprises with a pure-bred animal?


    • Lara
    • December 6, 2013

    You get less temperament surprises with a good breeder who has done temperament testing on the male and female before breeding even starts. Typically, mix breed breeders are crappy and don’t do any testing. So in this case, yes pure breeds are less likely to have temperament surprises because they usually have temperament tested parents.

    I’m sure you know that lots of health and temperament is based on diet, exercise, training, environment, staying with litter mates long enough, and etc.

    I love mix breeds too, I have two very healthy pure breeds. I also had pure breed Maltese from a reputable breeder that was a health mess (genetic I’m guessing).

    • BYBs and Crazies rule DS
    • December 6, 2013

    It kinda depends how you are defining temperament. ALL GSDs should have a fearless, curious, intelligent temperament. However, there is variation within the breed on drive, applied intelligence, fearlessness, etc. And from there, personalities vary widely.

    Even within a litter, temperaments can vary fairly widely. With working GSDs, the ones with the ‘weaker’ temperaments are often sold into pet homes since they don’t have the drive to work. ALL the dogs should still be observant GSDs with a need for exercise and training and at no point should they be a gregarious Labrador.

    • Liz
    • December 6, 2013

    While it is true a purebreed may be more ‘predictable’ every dog is unique so remember that certain german shepherd may hate cats. I believe it boils down to the individual dog. With purebreeds you may just like i said get a more ‘predictable’ dog.

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