Dog Food Secrets – Are Commercial Dog Food Safe?

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Ultimately, one will realize that manufactured canned dog foods are not the best for dogs. Although there are many substantial claims that the formulas used for these dog foods are scientifically tested to meet the required of our , one would have to consider that dogs of the ancient times never really had science to back up their diet. With their raw diet of whatever they were given by their masters before, they still managed to survive,

Many people are growing concerned about the commercial dog foods that keep on popping out of store shelves. This includes kibbles, treats, wet dog foods and . So many dog foods of have been released and there were also product recalls. But really, what is the for your dog?

In reality, the best food for your dog is all natural dog food. Dogs are not really scavengers but they can survive on scraps of bread and meat or even if they have no choice. In reality, the best food for every dog is freshly prepared such as chicken, rice, bread and vegetables. This is something that any person in any household can prepare. The most important thing is that the food is clean and free from that eat.

There are a lot of human foods out there that can be lethal to dogs and other animals. One of these is chocolate. It is also important to know you should not add such as salt, pepper and sugar to your dog food.

If you want your dog to be healthy, you have to prepare its food yourself. You can use boiled meat or bones so the dog has something to chew. Rice is also healthy for dogs so they have carbohydrates to burn.

If you want to learn what are the best food for your dog, i recommend you read my dog food secrets review and learn why is dangerous for your dog.

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