Labrador Retriever Training Tips

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

From all dog breeds, the is the most praised and wanted breed to have in household. It is so for few reasons – they're kind to kids, easy to train and are great companions in everyday situations. retrievers are perfect pets, I dare to say.

You absolutely have to train your Labrador retriever, even though they're regarded as peaceful and kind dog breed. There will be situations when you'll have to verbally correct your dog in order to prevent something bad, like your dog biting someone or injuring a kid when playing. Your Labrador retriever should at least learn the basic obedience commands like SIT, STAY, OFF and DOWN.

How you should train your Labrador retriever

You can expect the best results if your dog is still a puppy. Puppies learn the fastest and are generally more acceptable for corrections then older . Training your Labrador retriever should start with simple commands like DOWN in short 10 to 15 minute sessions.

It is best if you can have 3-5 such sessions per day. You can do it while walking your dog, just make sure you always bring some treats with you. Dogs love quick treats and will associate them with correct actions such as DOWN, SIT and others. Only give a treat if your Labrador retriever completes the command. Don't be half-done here – he must complete the whole command.

For example, it is not OK if you say DOWN and your dog only lowers his head and the front part of the body. The DOWN command is complete when your dog's stomach is flat on the ground. Then and only then he deserves a treat. Failing to be consistent here will result in your dog playing you all sorts of the tricks, just to get a quick treat. Don't fall for it…

Another example is when door rings, your Labrador retriever will most likely run wild towards the doors and jump on your guest. This can easily be corrected like this:

Have your friend stand on the outside and be ready to ring the door bell. You and your Labrador retriever should be alone in the living room. Signal your friend to ring a bell and immediately give your dog a treat. Don't let him run out of the room. When your dog have settled down and ate his snack, repeat the ringing. Only this time wait for about a second before you give him a snack.

Repeat this process few times and with each time extend the amount of time between ringing and giving your Labrador retriever a treat. If you did this properly, whenever your doorbell rings your dog will not be running wildly toward the doors but will be focused on you expecting his treat. Job done!

This are just two out of countless for obedience training your dog. is fun as they're very intelligent dogs. If you want your Labrador retriever well behaved and well trained you should invest some time into learning how to properly train him.

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