Sporty Labrador Retriever

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

The is a type of gun dog specially known as sporting dogs. A breed characterized by webbed paws useful for swimming and originally retrieving fishing nets. is also called as hunting companion. They were originally bred to retrieve birds and now they assist the people with disabilities as search dogs, rescue dogs, drug detection dogs and police dogs.
Bringing home a Labrador retriever is a fun experience for kids as it proves to be a good companion, agile and full of activities. Being the most popular breed of dog the world over it is identified as sensitive, kind, loving and compassionate dog. Typically, Labradors are athletic, and love to swim, flyball, play catch and are excellent to trust being with young children.
Furthermore with the ability to learn fast and being such a wonderful companion dog, we can dependence on the Labrador Retriever for practically all kinds of families.
Labrador retriever can grow up to 24 inches tall and weigh between 55-80 pounds. Males are bigger than females. Labradors basically come in three colors black, yellow and chocolate.
Labrador requires a simple care routine. Giving them a brush every week keeps their hair healthy and also makes them feel good. Bathing them keeps them clean and smelling good.
Labrador has tendency to put on weight if not exercised properly. Thus it is essential to provide regular exercise to avoid Labrador to put on extra weight. The main consideration in general care for Labrador is to keep its weight down and not let it put on extra pounds which would make it prone to contracting health problems like heart trouble as well as arthritis. We should feed it nutritious food and give it a periodic treat so that it gets variety as well as healthy food intakes that are critical to having a healthy pet. Good and healthy diet also gives its coat the needed luster.
Labrador is also prone to health problems associated with hip and elbow dysplasia and eye disorders. A good dog shampoo with flea protection properties helps a lot for the hair maintenance. Eyes, ears and paws are the sights to check for parasite infection very common in Labrador retrievers. Nail Care is necessary once a month to protect the Labrador from foot problems, and it should have its nails trimmed at least once a month, with a pair of nail trimmers.
Thus, when it comes to choosing a new family pet, one that gets along well with children and other animals at home, the Labrador Retriever is the best choice. We cannot find a better pet than Labrador retriever for simple reason that Labrador retriever is an intelligent, loving, faithful, protective, comical, and gentle breed.
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