How to get my dog to play fetch?

Question by Georgia: How to get my dog to ?
We just got our dog (5 years) last March, and he came from a very likely abusive background.

We went to the park with him, and threw a ball, and he didn’t go after it. He’s a , so playing and retrieving should be in his blood. He never does anything at the park, so how can we teach him? He sees our other dog do it and still won’t.


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Answer by ronaldo
Damn people who hurt and they forget how to play so why not just take him on his own and get him excited and say ‘hey good boy’ and give him a little diced chicken you know all Labs are greedy so get the better of him with treats. Just run along and he will run with you and soon he will be a smiling lovely Lab again, I love them dogs they lead the blind smell cancer know when a child is going to have a fit and people hurt them. he’s found you now so stop feeling sorry for him and get the plump guy running.

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    • Marianne, UDX,OTCH Shelties
    • November 27, 2013

    Just because a breed is a “retriever” doesn’t mean they are born to retrieve. Sometimes you actually have to teach them. It has to be done in steps. Here is how to do it;
    If you follow the directions carefully you will have a willing a reliable retriever.

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