Q&A: Any type of dogs smaller but similar to a Dalmatian?

Question by Sydney: Any of but to a ?
There's a rescue puppy that we're looking at and the rescue place says the dad is a and they think the mom is a Dalmatian. We're looking for a small dog (like 15 ish lbs) and they said that the “Dalmatian” mom is around 20 lbs, which seems small for a Dalmatian. Is there any other breeds that may look like a Dalmatian, but smaller?

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Answer by 4Her4Life
II agree that the mum is not a purebred Dal if she is 20 lbs. If by “similar” you mean spots, then no other breed has the genetics for that distinctive pattern – though there are plenty of breeds with patches and roan coloring. If by “similar” you mean similar in body shape,coat, etc, then Bostons are similar in having a sleek outline and very smooth coat to a Dalmatian, have smooth coats and sleek outlines in a smaller package, and the smaller hounds like the Beagle, Harrier, and some fiests and coonhounds similar have that almost “houndish” look, moderate build, and a short coat.

Depending on the size of the father (Bostons come in three size classes, the smallest is “under 15 lbs”) this pup could certainly be in the 15-20 lbs range.

HOWEVER, as with most rescue pups, you cannot know for sure if dad is really dad, if mum is the breed or mix she seems to look like, and if there are surprise genetics waiting down the road. If you can handle the adventure of unexpected variations and you like the pup, then go for it. But if you can't handle a dog that turns out a size/shape/coat other than you expected (like my sister's rescued “Australian Cattle Dog” that grew up to be a sighthound mix or my friend's “” that is under 30lbs soaking wet with a tightly curled tail) then you need to look into either an adult from rescue or a purebred puppy from a reputable breeder.

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Any type of dogs smaller but similar to a Dalmatian?


    • ♦Dalmatian Appreciation♦
    • November 27, 2013

    Dalmatians are never as small as 20lbs, so I highly doubt the mother of this pup was a purebred Dal.

    There are many breeds which can have ticking or faint spots on their coats and to someone who is not knowledgeable on breeds, one may think the spots automatically come from a Dal.

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