Discover Poodle Puppies

They're cute, curly, and cuddly, and you could be going home with one today! Poodle puppies make great , and you'll need to know just what they need in order to be most comfortable in your home, so here are some for being a great poodle owner.

Whatever poodle breed you decide to buy, you have to be aware that some poodle breeds tend to be somewhat reclusive or anti-social, and can be very unfriendly around strangers, unless of course they are trained. You will have to train your puppies and socialize the poodle puppy by keeping them in an environment that has people around often, this way they won;t be overwhelmed when you take them out or if you have other people around.

One of the things you need to do is to ensure that your are taken to vet often for their checkups, this is because generally have vision problems quite often, Their eyes need to look alert and should be shiny. If you start noticing film around the eyes, or even if your poodle puppy's are often running, it is a possibility of the onset of a . being able to treat this condition in it's early stages is an important factor, and you should take them immediately to your vet should you notice that your poodles vision seem cloudy. Poodle puppies tend to also be prone to ear infections, so you have to ensure that your puppy's ears are check out by your vet also. Having a hearing test for your poodle puppy should also be done and don't forget that the proper medication is given to them as directed by your vet.

You may also notice that your poodle has very , and that certain should not be used on your poodle puppies. are often dying their dog's hair in a variety of colors, or shampooing the of the poodle with that come in a variety of scents. However, the chemicals in some of these cleaning agents could be harmful to your poodle puppies, and could cause rashes and . Your puppy could also develop an allergy to these products, so if you notice that your dog is more sluggish than usual, or is sneezing often, you should let your grooming professional know, or shampoo your poodle at home.

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