Yellow Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador Retriever is an AKC registered . The following article reviews the breed.


Labrador have been the most popular breed of dog for many years, and are well-known for making wonderful family pets. The Labrador Retriever is quickly growing in popularity among Labrador Retriever owners, and many Labrador breeders specialize exclusively in Yellow Labradors.


The Labrador Retriever breed has quite a colorful history. Contrary to popular belief, the Labrador Retriever breed was first formed in Newfoundland. The Newfoundland breed of dog was cross-bred with a type of water-dog that was native to Newfoundland, resulting in the Labrador Retriever. Due to their excellent retrieval abilities, water-resistant coat, and webbed feet, the Labrador Retriever was a popular companion dog for fishermen. It is said that Labrador Retrievers (who were, at the time, called “St. John's Waterdog”) would help drag the fishermen's nets to shore, by grabbing the floating buoys from the water. Today, Labrador Retrievers are a popular companion for hunters, due to their unparalleled retrieval abilities.


Some Labrador Retriever enthusiasts believe that the Yellow Labrador has the least frequency of breed-based inherited health defects (such as hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and retinal dysplasia). The reasoning behind this theory is that require less selective breeding to be produced, and are therefore less likely to have inherited health problems. However, this has been heavily debated, because there is currently no scientific evidence to suggest that Yellow Labrador Retrievers are less susceptible to health problems.


The Labrador Retriever is said to have one of the best temperaments of any dog breed, and Yellow Labradors are no different.

Yellow Labrador Retrievers are affectionate, caring, and very energetic. Even though Labrador Retrievers are a medium-large dog breed, it is very rare for a Labrador to become aggressive. The temperament of the Labrador Retriever is ideal for a family dog, since Labradors are very good with children (when properly socialized).


Yellow Labrador Retrievers are in the moderate shedding category, though do undergo a total replacement of their fur (also called “blowing the coat”) twice per year. Even though they are a short-haired dog, Yellow Labrador Retrievers have a reputation among dog owners for shedding frequently. This can be avoided with attentive grooming, as most Labrador Retrievers will shed less when groomed 2-3 times per week. Climate can also affect how often a Labrador Retriever sheds, as dogs in warmer climates tend to keep a coat that is less dense (so as to not overheat).

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