10 Questions to Ask Your Labrador Retriever’s Veterinarian

Labrador retriever

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Sometimes it’s difficult for the owner of a Retriever to find the right veterinarian. Labs have a few quirks associated with them that not all vets are knowledgeable about. By putting in some upfront effort, it’s possible to find a vet you’ll be comfortable with, and hopefully will be able to take care of of your Labrador’s needs in the long term. First, try to find a good by asking family members and friends who own their own pets. Then, ask your neighbors, groomers you may know, and your fellow owning co-workers. They are all potential good sources. Finally, search your local yellow pages under hospitals, veterinarians, and animal clinics. You may want to try www.pets911.com (it asks for your zip code and will use it to locate veterinarians in your area). Once you have a potential list of vets, you can start your selection process. Call each vet and explain that you are interviewing veterinarians for your , and set up a meeting with them to ask some questions and see their facility. English: A veterinarian stitching a dog, after... Ask these questions and look for: Cost of Services - some vets charge more than other. Don't be embarrassed to question prices.

  • Do they take multiple forms of payment?
  • Do they accept pet insurance plans?
  • Do they expect full payment on the day of visit?
  • Do they have in-house financing for certain procedures?
  • Can you get discounts for multiple pets?
  • Do they provide a full range of services (x-rays, blood tests, heartworm tests, etc)?

Check Office Hours

  • What are regular office hours? Do they have after-hours services?
  • Do they have a backup veterinarian if the primary doctor is vacationing or out sick?

Emergency Services

  • What is the backup plan if they are closed and my Lab gets hurt or is sick?
  • Will someone be with my Labrador Retriever overnight if that is necessary?

Veterinarian Check out the Staff Observe how the vet and staff interact with other pets. Are they courteous? Do they appear to be caring? Check the Facility

  • Do they keep their facility clean? Does it seem well kept?
  • Is there more than one veterinarians in the practice?
  • Do they require appointments? Are drop-ins allowed?
  • Do they keep animals in separate cages, or is there a single holding area?

Finally, you may want to check the Veterinarian Medical Board to see if complaints have been filed against the practice. After you finish your visits with the vets on your list, you will have a very good idea which veterinarian you should use. If your first choice does not work out for some reason, you will have a backup list of vets as your your next choice. By following the guidelines listed, you should be able to match the right veterinarian to your pet, and fulfilling your Labrador Retriever’s health needs.

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