How to Stop Your Dog Whining

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One of the main problems individuals have with their is whining, and stopping this kind of behavior is one of the greatest that encounter. It will be far more effective when you train your dog to whining at an early age. On the contrary, regardless of how old or young your dog is, you have to understand first why they whine. Thereafter you can learn how to stop your dog from whining.

Why do Dog’s Whine?

Whining is their way of communicating with us. There are three main reasons why your dog is , it’s either they’re upset, scared or in pain. Normally, it is a when they are upset or deserted by his pack. On the other hand, if your dog has never whined before and unexpectedly starts to, he is probably in pain or unwell. If this is the case, then you shouldn’t concern yourself on how to train your dog to whining but to tend a more . Proceed to the immediately to have your dog checked.

However, in most cases they will whine because they feel abandoned or afraid. This whining indicates their cry for help. Punishing your dog will not do any good to this behavior. Instead, it will only add to your dog’s anxiety. Exercising yourself and your dog will definitely help a lot more than punishing them.

Whining Because Your Dog Misses You

To start of, when your dog whines due to separation, begin by teaching him to accept those short periods of time that he will be left alone when you’re gone. Then, slowly work your way up to . To successfully your dogs whining means teaching them to be more comfortable. Begin by letting your dog feel at ease to the place where he will stay when you leave. Try playing with your dog then leave for awhile, and observe. He will most probably start to whine.

This stage will be the biggest challenge that you will have to overcome in whole training period. As the loving owner you are, the sound of your dog’s whine may soften you, but if you come back immediately, you are only teaching your dog to more dependent to you, thus the whining will continue. Discipline yourself not to give in easily to your dog.

Nevertheless, if the dog continues to whine after a few minutes, which feels like hours to some dog owners, it is all right to go back in the room. You need to let your dog know that you are his boss and you will come back to him when you want to return, not the other way around. In spite of everything, if your dog still continues to whine, it probably means that he is still not comfortable where he is. This means you will need to go back and play with your dog for awhile to make him feel more at ease. Eventually, after repeating this process for a few times, you will notice that the whining will decrease. If your dog still whines when you start to leave the room, give him in a firm voice a “No!” If your dog obeys your command and stays quiet for a few moments, compliment your dog by following your order. Do this process for a period of time and you will see that the whining will eventually stop.

Whining for Attention

Then again, whining does not happen always when you leave your home. Now and then it happens when your dog wants attention or wants to play with you. In these kinds of situations, stopping their whining would simply mean spending some quality time with them whether playing, walking or just doing things together.

From time to time, you will have to ignore your dog when it starts whining. But if it does not work, calmly ask him to stop whining. If your dog still continues to whine, then ask him to be quiet in a much louder voice. Saying it in this manner would let your dog know that you mean it. Eventually, you won’t even need to say it in a loud voice.


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