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Fitting easily into a household or a family life is . The reason can adjust hassle-free into family life is because they thrive on affection as well as praise. Every time a master praises a , it gladly wags its tail in response. However, when a master scolds his , the dog goes away looking sheepishly and with the tail usually tucked between the legs.

Most people whether in the city or otherwise enjoy having dogs as . But for those living in cities, you may want to have a small or medium-sized dog because the larger ones need some exercise over a larger area.

Any person who decides to own a pet dog should be ready to take care if its needs. Dogs will only stay healthy provided they are fed correctly and groomed appropriately. Medical conditions or needs should not be ignored. If you would like a canine that is well-mannered, training should be in order. Dogs should not be mishandled or ill-treated because they may fight back by biting to defend itself. This is so because dogs, although these have been domesticated, descended directly from ancestors who were hunters. This is good dog that pet owners should remember. The fact that dogs descended from hunters means that they have retained some of their wild instincts or instincts necessary for survival.

Dogs come in different sizes, colors and temperaments. Just the same way, most dogs can fit into a household without much problems provided you have studied their behavior before buying a pet dog.

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