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You have finally decided that you would like to have a new addition to you family, one who looks to you for food as well as affection and one who will wag his tail once he sees you. Most people would like to get a dog simply for companionship or . These same persons usually make the mistake of assuming that a dog will simply obey their master's commands or instructions and will do as they are told. For some this may work but for most, it will take some time and . If you think that training will make your dog, a well-mannered pet here are somethings that you should consider before commencing .

The first factor you should think of before dog training is the learning environment. should be trained in an environment that is familiar such as your home. In case, you have a yard, it is ideal to use the same training method both inside your house as well as in your yard. Your pet dog will have a very short attention span and if you will train him in an unfamiliar place, the new scents and objects will surely distract your pet.

The next consideration is the number of people who are there during dog training. It is recommended to have only a single family member to train a dog. This should be done one on one to avoid anything that will distract your dog. Once your dog has learned to obey your commands or instructions, the first trainer should show or pass on the steps on how to teach the dog to every family member.

Reward and punishments should also be considered for the training of your pet. Provide rewards like your pet's favorite snack. The snack should be come in small sizes or should be broken into several small pieces. Giving a treat in large amounts will only last for a short period of time. Praising your pet is another form of reward. These rewards tangible or not should only be administered when your dog has correctly performed your commands.

Screaming or physically punishing your pet is not recommended. This will only make your dog resistant to the training. Punishments should be verbal such as saying a firm “NO” when your dog is not doing a command or a trick properly. The punishment should only serve to enhance your dog's learning abilities, therefore physical punishments and screaming are not beneficial to your pet.

The most important consideration when training your dog is the tone of your voice. The commands you give your pets should come across as firm and clear. On the other hand verbal praises should be affectionate, encouraging and eager. You can mimic the way you speak to a small child when he has accomplished great things. After that you can gently pat the on the head or scratch the back of your pet.

These are the basics on how you can train your dog there are other styles and techniques but it will all depend on how your pet responds on the training.

The article written by Zarqoo Zaimoo. Please visit Training Your Dog for more information and other Cat Info visit

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