Raising A Healthy Poodle Puppy

Now that you have finally got your heart set on getting an adorable , you need to make certain adjustments to your living space in order to make it friendly. There are just a few things that you need to check for to make sure that the adjustment period for the puppy goes smoothly. First of all, you need to make sure that anything that can possibly be deadly to your puppy is removed and put out of reach or discarded.

Such things would include rat traps and poison, even if you think that are hidden well enough because just like children, you can never be completely sure of what they can get into until they actually find something that they were not supposed to. B

The name is something that you will want to have a good idea about before the puppy comes home. And although you may not know for sure what you want the puppy called, try and get a general idea by thinking of different names so you have a list ready. This reason this is so important to get done is because you cannot begin to train a Poodle puppy, you must have a name for it and there is just no way around that.

A good thing to do before your Poodle puppy comes home is to already have a good idea about what your plan of action is going to be. You will want to start right away in order to save things such as your carpet or your furniture. Make a list of things you would like your new Poodle puppy to learn and then figure out which lesson on your list is the most important.

Also, before you can start , you need to start thinking of names that you can call your puppy. Even though you may want to wait until you bring the puppy home before you finalize any names, you should have a basic idea of a few that can be used. And then, once you have the puppy home, it will not take as long to think of a name because it is so important that a name is given in order to begin your puppy.

There is a lot more to learn and to deal with then the books make there out to be and that is not something you will truly understand until the puppy is in your home.

Even though it seems that this would be the easiest by the way books make it sound, these little guys and gals have a mind all their own. And with potty mistakes being what they are, a big dirty and smelly mess, it is no wonder that if someone is not expecting it the entire process can prove to be extremely frustrating.

Just hang in there because Poodle puppies are extremely intelligent and will find their way to do things.

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