Have You Gotten Your Dog Culture Today?

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Every once in awhile we like to visit and check out other websites and blogs. This time we visited what can be best described as a social networking site named “ Culture”.

Some of the services Culture offers: Dog News, Classified Ads, a Services directory, User Groups, Forums, Blogging, and a -style activities feed. Members can “like” and follow other members, and engage in chats and other communication with like-minded .

Pretty cool idea. A dog-oriented social network.

If you are currently a member of a , like Facebook or Twitter, you can join using those credentials. That’s a real handy way to do it. Since the networks “talk” to each other, you can get notifications of Dog Culture activity while you’re browsing your Facebook or Twitter.

Reading down the page, I see there’s a lot of news articles posted, a few interviews, and some interesting pictures of posted by their owners. This is pretty intriguing.

CapturePicture posting to a network like this might actually be an improvement over posting to other  networks like Facebook and Pinterest where your pictures tend to get lost in a jumble of competing messages.

The groups feature is interesting too. I imagine there would be a lot of interest by members in joining a group devoted to their favorite . And, forums would be a great place for dog owners to answer each other’s questions.

In the “What We Are Up To” section, there’s a few weekly scheduled activities, like “Guess the dog breed”, where members put their knowledge to use and engage with friends on other social networks. They also have regular members-only content posted on a regular schedule – training guides, news, reviews, wellness tips, stories (funny and serious), and member submitted dog photos.

If you are a dog lover, you should check out the Dog Culture site. You might really like all the features and become a member. Who knows, this network might become the “next big thing”.

Til next time…

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