Dogs trained to help war veterans

updated 2:23 PM EST, Tue November 5, 2013

Former Spc. rarely ventured outside before he got Kuchar, a service dog to help soldiers.

This Veteran's Day, join HLN for a special tribute to service : Stories of Courage: K9s for Warriors, premieres Monday, November 11, on HLN at 7 p.m. ET.

(CNN) — Simple tasks like going to the store were impossible for former Army Spc. Karl Fleming, whose anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder kept him inside — until he got Kuchar earlier this year.

“She's the battle buddy the Army trains you to be with,” Fleming told HLN.

Kuchar is a service dog by a group called K9s for Warriors, which rescues dogs from animal shelters and trains them to help veterans like Fleming live an independent life, despite traumatic brain injuries from war.

Fleming explains that when he has nightmares, Kuchar is trained to lay on him and if he's shaking or sweating, she's “taught to lick my face and wake me up.”

Learn more about Fleming and Kuchar's story here and at

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    • Zoelrrl1
    • November 5, 2013


    • Avis Latone
    • November 5, 2013

    That was so cool!!!

    • Shropshire Lass
    • November 5, 2013

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    • pcnightmare52
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    That was awesome.

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    • Aaron Shapland
    • November 5, 2013

    Now only if they spent this much time and effort on the products would it be as good as this video.

    • Grace Wohletz
    • November 5, 2013

    sweet doggy

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    • slabsawskip
    • November 5, 2013

    Excellent! What s great commercial!

    • Detox Eric
    • November 5, 2013

    fake cgi

    • Maggie Shreve
    • November 5, 2013

    pretty clever, huh! I mean the dogs, of course!

    • isabella grubert
    • November 5, 2013

    So cool

    • lovetownsend
    • November 5, 2013

    heres a philosophical question. why does it even matter if its fake if it was real made you more amazed and happy?

    • Matheus Lacerda
    • November 5, 2013

    How many years they took to make this?

    • nite last
    • November 5, 2013


    • Harry Hallstrom
    • November 5, 2013

    Didn’t take long at all. Had 235 workers seeing up.

    • Juliette Guillaume
    • November 5, 2013


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