3 “Tricks” for Giving Pills to Your Dog

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Dog Health Tip of The Day – Can dogs eat ginger? Yes, they can, and ginger is actually a great remedy for motion sickness in . If your dog tends to get sick on car rides, try giving him a snack consisting mainly of ginger before the car ride.

At some point in time, you’ll probably find it necessary to give your puppy or adult dog some kind of pill. Whether it is a flea treatment, supplement, an antibiotic, or something for pain – the likelihood is that the problem will present itself eventually.

Unlike kids, you can’t just reason with your dog and tell him “this is for your own good”. He will invariably either turn his nose up at it, or try it, determine it’s “not food”, and spit it out. Even liquid medications can be an issue if they don’t taste like meat or some other enjoyable treat.

Here’s a couple tricks to give your dog a pill with the least amount of headache.

1. The “Push”

This will work with some dogs. It’s really a manual operation, and in many cases it will work at first, but your dog will figure it out and resist future efforts. The trick is to “push” the pill into the dog’s mouth past the taste buds. Many dogs, once the pill gets to that point, will just instinctively swallow, and the pill reaches it’s intended destination.

To perform this maneuver – hold your mouth open with one hand, and using your other hand, set the pill in the mouth and, using a finger, slide it down past the tongue. The dog will probably shakes its head and then swallow. If it works, fine. If not, try one of the next tricks.

2. Peanut Butter

Many (most?) dogs love peanut . I’m not sure why, but it’s true. The secret here is disguising the pill well inside a peanut buter treat.

Just dip a spoon into a peanut butter jar and pull out a glob – maybe an inch in diameter. Wrap the peanut butter around the pill so the pill is completely hidden. Offer the peanut butter chunk to the dog – if you’re lucky, the dog will swallow the peanut butter without trying to chew it (wolf it down).

If your dog doesn’t go for the peanut butter, or if it somehow detects the pill and eats the peanut butter but spits the pill out, try the next trick.

3. Slices

Like peanut butter, I’ve never had a dog that doesn’t like cheese. Most hard will not work for giving the dog his pills, but soft cheeses work very, very well. Kraft slices (, American, or Swiss) are what we use.

To “hide” the pill, simply tear off about 1/4 of a slice and wrap it around the pill. Bigger pills may need bigger portions. Offer the wrapped pill to your dog. He or she will probably gobble the treat up and you’ll have achieved your goal.

If you don’t have slices available, the stick can work in a pinch.

It’s likely you may try all of these approaches at one point in time or another. The “push” requires nothing else but your hands, and the others require you have the required ingredients. Most people have a jar of peanut butter sitting on a shelf somewhere, but if not, go ahead and keep a supply of Kraft slices around even if you never eat them.

Also, keep in mind – some pills need to be taken with food, and others cannot be mixed with food. This may affect the strategy you use to get your dog to take the pill.

Good luck!

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