Taking Care of My Best Friend

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Dog is an essential part of being a dog owner. For most it can be difficult to trust a stranger with your best friend. You need to be able to trust someone to do the right job as well as treat your dog with the love, affection and care that they deserve. Doggie Dip and Clip is a professional business in that provides a welcoming environment designed to comfort and reassure your dog.

Doggie Dip and Clip was established in 1981 in Oakville, by Cheryl who is a professional hand scissor stylist. Cheryl and her assistant, Sherry, have worked together for nine years and are experienced at relaxing and comforting dogs without restraining methods. They use soft voices and gentle touches to put your pet at ease. This comforts pet owners knowing that their dogs will be in good hands.

Grooming your dog is important not only for your dog’s appearance but also for its overall . Nail trimming can prevent catching and tearing, care and cleaning can help detect infections, dental care can help prevent gum disease and cavities, and your dogs coat will help spread natural oils that keep it conditioned and clean.

Some of our beloved best friends can get quite messy with tangled hair. Regular brushing and combing is sometimes necessary to avoid matting and tangles, which helps remove dirt and keep their skin clean. Brushing your dogs hair also allows for the natural oils to be spread evenly over their coat giving it a healthy glow. Because brushing and combing can be a challenge for some breeds, we are more than happy to offer our assistance to help maintain your dog’s healthy coat.

Owning a dog, running a household, working full or part-time, and cooking are just a few stresses that you face everyday. Doggie Dip and Clip understands that the world is a busy place and is proud to offer flexible hours from Tuesday to Saturday and include evening appointments. To make grooming even more of an easier task, they also provide in and out services. Their facilities are fully climate-controlled and an Ecolife air purifier is used to freshen the air.

A clean and healthy dog is a happy dog. Cheryl and Sherry will take the time to get to know your dog and treat them with the utmost respect that all pets deserve. So don’t think that grooming time is a stressful time. Doggie Dip and Clip is a great dog grooming service that caters to both you and your fellow companion’s needs. Don’t stress it out and contact Doggie Dip and Clip today at 905-844-7778.

For more information on dog grooming in Oakville, contact http://www.searchenginesimi.com/Oakville-Ontario/Dog_Groomer/

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