Review of Pet Protector – A Revolutionary Flea Treatment

No FleasIf you have a dog or a , chances are at some point you will find yourself treating them for fleas and ticks.  Check out these tips to help you with the task.

Symptoms of Flea Infestation

Common signs and symptoms of infestation include biting and – especially near the tail and lower back areas. Flea bites induce in the skin and the animal starts scratching to relieve the “itch”.

Severe dermatitis can occur in with recurring flea infestations. Look for raw patches of skin where your may have been scratching at fleas for some time. Another clue is “flea debris” – specks of dried blood that are black in color.

In all cases, the pet experiences severe discomfort due to these .

Regular Flea Treatments

In the past, consisted of such remedies as flea collars, powders, and fine tooth combs for removing fleas. Baths with special medicated shampoos can be effective, but not all can or should be regularly bathed. Pills taken on a monthly basis can prevent fleas from reproducing, but do not kill fleas that have already reached adulthood.

A New Approach

is a revolutionary product designed to eliminate the hassles and failures associated with traditional flea treatments. Packaged as a non-toxic “disc”, the product is designed to provide continuous parasite protection for up to four years, and claims to have a 95%+ success rate.

The Pet Protector discs are environmentally-friendly and chemical-free, but they do not kill existing . They repel parasites and are intended to prevent future infestations. But, that also means your pet is not exposed to dangerous chemicals, making them safe to use for puppies and kittens.

Now that is something that should make every pet owner sit up and take notice.

The Technology

The discs emit a type of electromagnetic wave at a frequency that parasites hate but does not affect your pet. The company stands by their technology, and guarantees their product 100%. In fact, they have even developed smartphone apps so you can check the disc to ensure it’s working.


Since the Pet Protector discs do not actually kill existing parasites, the pet owner must make sure that all parasites are first removed from the animal. This includes treating and/or cleaning the pet’s  environment as well.

Once your pet is “clean”, simply attach the disc to the pet’s collar, and you have four years of protection.

No Fleas

Benefits of Using Pet Protector

Obviously, the main benefit is shielding your pet from parasites in a natural, non-toxic fashion. But, there’s more to it than that. The protection lasts up to 4 years, which means the discs cost 20 times less than other anti-parasite products.

The discs are water resistant, are effective on dogs and cats of any age (even newborn), including ill and pregnant pets. There is no need to wash your hands after touching  one of the discs, and you can allow children to continue playing with their pets.

Last, but not least is the practicality. Just place it on your pet and forget about parasites!


Many testimonials can be found at, but a couple caught my attention.

Delores Brandt wrote that, “…I am totally convinced it (tumor) was caused from the Frontline anti-parasite products we used on him. After we bathed him with these products, for the next couple days, he had no energy and was very lethargic. He required surgery and is now doing absolutely phenomenal after I put the Pet Protector disc on him”.

Marilyn Bradley added, “…So I bought a disc for my old dog. I didn’t bother putting one on my she is a totally indoor cat. It turned out that as the flea population increased around us (coastal Australia), my cat was the only one to get fleas. I was elated and surprised all at once .. it was instant proof that the disc worked.”

Finally, from Angela, “I have personally been using on my own dog, Cooper, since June 2012, with amazing results. Still pinch myself that it actually works.”


The company offers the opportunity for people to become distributors for the discs. This is great for groomers, pet sitters or anyone who has an interest in alternative pet care treatments.

For more information, visit

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