Cops and Courts, Oct. 18, 2013: Stolen puppy recovered



Authorities on Thursday recovered a puppy who was stolen from the .

, a roughly 20-pound, 2-month-old pit bull was taken from the shelter on Tuesday, said Melanie Sobel, general manager of the shelter.

Thursday, was spotted in the inside PetSmart, 490 River St., Santa Cruz.

A man tried to get free medical treatment for the dog, but the staff said they could not provide it. Staff members recognized Boots and called police.

Officers later found the puppy and the man at the Santa Cruz Homeless Services at 115 Coral St.

Santa Cruz police arrived and seized the puppy about 3 p.m.

“What a great community to come together to help us find this puppy,” Sobel said.

Boots, who was returned to the animal shelter, had a dry nose and appeared slightly sick, Sobel said.

Police arrested , 18, on suspicion of burglary and possession of stolen property, said Sgt. Christian LaMoss. Sciucchetti told police he was homeless, but it was not clear if he was staying at the shelter, authorities said.

Sciucchetti matched the suspect description provided to police and the media this week.


Four teens arrested in burglary

Police linked four Watsonville teenagers to a burglary on Lincoln Street where two TVs, a PlayStation and other electronics were stolen Thursday.

About 10 a.m., a resident on the 700 block of Lincoln spotted several teenage boys running in an alley with two 50-inch flat-screen televisions,

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