Poodle Behavior Explained In Easy Terms

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by Lisa A Collins

A is a wonderful dog for any type of personality. It will suit people who seek a calm dog, and it will suit people who seek a bouncy dog. The can and will be everything you will want it to be.

Things like over pampering, fear, boredom and seeking attention are a few reasons why you can experience problems. Fortunately, each and every problem can be tackled to your satisfaction if you handle the behavior problem with patience and consistency.

Fear is one of the most common causes for all problems. This fear can be of many types. The Poodle might fear to be left alone or it might fear rough handling. At other times it might fear other animals or it might fear your strict attitude. Take a close look at what it might be scaring it before launching into a disciplinary action when your Poodle is exhibiting bad behavior.

Whatever it might be that causes your to misbehave, you need to know that it can be redressed with easy steps. The Poodle is a dog that responds very well to love and . If you want your dog to behave better, all you have to do is praise it, reward it and be with it as much as you can.

Fear can also make the bark incessantly, urinate frequently all over the house and overall create a lot of nuisance. The dog might fear separation from you and also behave very odd like barking, yapping and even howling when you are not there. Out of frustration the dog might behave erratically ? like chewing furniture, tearing clothing around the house, digging excessively or urinating every time it sees you.

From among the many problems, fear should be handled with great care. With the right type of handling you will be able to train the dog to behave properly within no time

There are dogs that have survived traumatic pasts and there are dogs that think they should be treated as royalty. Whichever way it is, you might consider positive reinforcement as the easiest and sure-fire way to bring your Poodle to behave exactly the way you will want.

If you are exposed to these types of Poodle problems, do not punish the dog. Use the crate to show your displeasure, but try to cut off the separation time. Train the dog carefully not to jump wildly when it sees you return as that implies that it suffers from separation anxiety. Also be firm and consistent about correcting bad behavior at all times. Any lapse and you will never be able to gain control over your pet.

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