Choosing the Right Lead When Training Your Dog

Puppies have to know whose the boss when they join a family; this doesn't mean that the owner has to be cruel when teaching and applying the ‘house rules', moreover it should be a happy experience for both.

First things first – before buying a puppy and after doing your research, the right equipment has to be purchased so you can introduce the new member of your family with ease. There will be bowls, brushes, beds, including a comfy cushion, toys, food, and last but not least a collar and EzyDog lead!

Your puppy will need to learn to respect you as his/her superior and this will include going for walks! These can turn into either a traumatic quick run round the block, or a few hours out sharing a pleasant time together.

How to achieve that pleasant walkies time!

The choice of dog lead is important, and EzyDog Leads offer a wide choice. If you have Yorkshire Terrier puppy it stands to reason that you will not require as strong a lead as a Rottweiler might require! You might also prefer to purchase a dog harness and/or a muzzle.

EzyDog leads come in different lengths, with the choice of a rigid handle or a soft neoprene handle and the option of purchasing an EzyDog lead extension. There are also collars specially made for training or normal collars for a trained dog. Harnesses are available as standard or ‘quick fit'. All are available in different colours.

EzyDog LeadA recent addition to EzyDog products is the ‘new shock' dog lead which give maximum comfort for owner and dog when on a walk or even when out jogging.

There is a wealth of information to help new dog owners to train their puppy in many things including walking on the lead, there are classes to go to, and websites to visit, but in the main it is important that you (the alpha) remain in charge and control of the puppy and eventually a fully grown well mannered dog at all times. They need to learn to walk beside you without pulling, to listen to and obey your voice and take orders in the manner which you teach them. Dogs are quite capable of learning voice commands, and Farmers working dogs being proof of this.

In today's society, there is much distrust of dogs because of the publicity of dog attacks – not only on human beings, but also on other dogs. These are, fortunately, the minority and there are many responsible dog owners out there who are fully in control of their dogs.

Good training right from the start will guarantee a pleasant long lasting relationship between you, your family and your dog.

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