Medical Problems Of Golden Retrievers

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are generally healthy dogs, with strong and sound constitutions. They are extremely popular as family pets. However, there are some of Golden that all Golden owners should . These are inherited by the in its genes and are quite common. So, if you’re planning to get yourself a golden retriever puppy, be sure to get a well-bred puppy from a reputed breeder. The truth is, that poor breeding of the golden retriever has tarnished its reputation without any fault of the breed. Here are some commonly found medical problems of Golden retrievers

Hip Dyslapsia

In Golden this is a common problem, which occurs because of a malformed joint. It causes the better part of the femur to not be properly aligned with the cup of the hip socket. This is one of the medical problems of Golden retrievers, which can range from mild to relatively severe. It is not something to worry about, and with proper diet and exercise your will be able to lead a completely normal and active . In extremely rare circumstances, surgical correction or euthanasia are required as a last resort.

Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD)

OCD is a bone formation disorder, which takes place due to a defect in the transition of cartilage into bone, while the dog is growing up. Research has shown this condition to be genetic and it appears more commonly in some lines of Golden than others. Environmental factors can also contribute to aggravating this problem.


This medical problem of Golden affects them in their early age when they are 5 to 14 months old. Also referred to as wandering lameness, it causes sudden lameness in dogs.


This too is a hereditary disorder, which causes seizures. There is no cure, but it can be controlled with medication. This medical problem of Golden retrievers allows them to lead a very normal life. But they should not be placed in very stressful situations, and most certainly should not be bred if they have epilepsy.

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

(PRA), and central (PRA) are among the most common retina based problems found in Golden retrievers. Symptoms begin to manifest in dogs around the age of two and degenerative in nature. Sadly, this condition is also hereditary. So it is wise to make sure that both parents do not have this problem before you consider picking up a pup born to them.

Ear care

It’s a good idea to continuously clean your dog’s ears, as they are likely to pick up a lot of dust and dirt when they are out. This way they would not pick up any ear infections.

Juvenile cataracts

This particular medical problem of Golden retrievers is also hereditary and is also a fact you should look out for when looking to purchase a golden retriever pup.


Primary sebhorrea is a medical problem of Golden retrievers, which gives them yellowish brownish scales, a greasy coat, and an irritable itchy skin with a foul smell. You can take your dog to your vet to get this problem treated, as it is not too serious.

Just buy a golden retriever from a reputed breeder and do some checks on the pup’s mother and father – and you’ll be fine! If your golden retriever develops a disease at an older age, don’t worry. Just take it to the Vet. Lastly, keep your golden clean and take good care of it!

Looking for information on golden retrievers? If you are looking for advice on medical problems of golden retrievers or house breaking your golden retriever, visit us now. is a goldmine for information on everything related to golden retrievers.

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