10 Items To Be Avoided In Dog Food

What dog foods and should you avoid feeding my dog?

Are you concerned about the health of your dog? I compiled a list of 10 foods and ingredients which you should not feed your dog.

1. You should not give chocolate to your puppy because it contains the theobromine, caffeine which is toxic to .

2.. Dog's digestive system can not digest the protein and sugar in dairy products. Hence you should not feed dairy products like milk, cream, butter, cheese, , yogurt, whey, sour cream, kefir, casein, and ice cream.

3. Dogs are very sensitive to oils so always avoid the same. Even you should be extra careful before you apply oil to dog for aromatherapy or massage.

4. There is a recent report regarding toxicity due to grape and raisin ingestion so avoid them.

5. Some are toxic so you should avoid houseplants till you train your dog properly on chewing.  If you like, you can provide a pot of fresh for safe nibbling.

6. Onions and garlic normally irritates gastrointestinal system opf dog so you should avoid them.

7. Salmon poisoning is an infectious disease caused by a rickettsia that uses a on salmon as a host. It can cause serious illness and death.

8. Soy contains compounds that may harmfully affect dogs by interfering with nutrient absorption, normal growth, , and hormonal development.

9. Sugar comes in many forms, including beet, raw, brown, cane, fructose, corn sweetener, corn syrupdextrin, dextrose, glucose, lactose, maltose, barley malt, molasses, honey, and maple syrup.  Sugar in any form should be avoided.

10. Most dogs can not tolerate Yeast. Yeast may cause allergic reactions, bloating, digestive and urinary problems.

Top Suggestion for dog food?

Preparing dog food is not the simplest of solution because the nutrition needs for puppies and dogs are quite different from ours.  The most is to find a dog food that contains only human-grade, natural ingredients.

Flint River Ranch offers dog food that is prepared under controlled conditions, resulting in a food that is easily digested, and has a high degree of absorption of vital vitamins and minerals. Flint River Ranch dog food is a premium quality pet food that your dog will love and keep them healthy.

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