Puppy Potty Training: The 5 Problems Everyone Has Potty Training Their Puppy – And How to Solve Them

Puppy is a full- job…

The news is it only lasts for a few weeks and has great benefits!

In exchange for your time, energy, and attention you can have a perfectly house trained dog for 10+ years.

The truth is everyone gets frustrated when training their puppy… because no one has the kind of time that them to focus on the needs of their puppy 24 hours a day.

…so before you throw the puppy out with the poop, check out these solutions to your problems.

Problem #1 Not enough time to spend with the dog.

The solution is friends, neighbors, and family members like to help each other out.

And if there is absolutely no one that you know, hire a sitter. Or, send your puppy to a who specializes in .

Also, try to alter your schedule. If you live close to home, maybe you can come home at lunch to let your puppy outside.

If you work farther away from home, maybe you can take a longer lunch hour if you arrive at work earlier.

Try to create some flexibility in your schedule because house training does not last forever.

Because if you start your puppy right with good follow up, your puppy will never do it wrong!

Problem #2 Yell or scream at the dog.

So, you yell at the dog.

But your timing is way off… The dog pooped or tinkled on the floor a long time ago and does not connect your yelling to the pile of poop on the floor.

The dog just knows you were really crabby when you walked in the door!

The solution is what do you do when you want to scream?

Instead, walk into your bedroom, turn on the television or radio to loud, close the door, and yell into a pillow or at a wall. Or, sing your anthem of dissatisfaction at the top of your voice. Or, call a friend and ask them for two minutes venting time.

Then, stop.

It’s simple. The dog has been given too much freedom before the dog understands the house rules.

The solution is

Problem #4. Hit the dog.

People hit because they believe that if they hit the dog the problem will stop.

Hitting does not teach the dog what to do.

If you drag a dog over to a puddle on the floor and hit her with your hand, what does the dog learn?

1. To be afraid of your hands

2. To run away when you grab her collar

3. To hide when you call her name

4. To submissively pee when you grab her collar

The solution is

When the dog potties reward him.

Problem #5. Keep the dog outside all day.

The solution is

Now you can still do the things you need to do, but at the same time when you see the puppy start to sniff or circle, you can quickly take the puppy outside to tinkle or poop.

Solving puppy potty training problems is not difficult. All it requires is that you understand that dogs have to learn new behaviors.

Only you can give them the information and training the dog needs, but it has to be done in a way that makes sense to the dog.

You can have a completely house trained dog! Do you want to learn how? Visit http://stopBADdogsNOW.com and learn how you can live in the Land Of The Obedient Dog! Check out How To Teach Dog To Ring A Bell To Go Outside. Read article Puppy Potty Training: Why Dogs Potty AFTER You Come Insid

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