Amputation of a Limb – When Amputation is Necessary

On a recent trip to the animal shelter when our family decided to adopt a , we noticed the perfect match for our family. He was a large mixed breed and although we were unsure of the breed we knew from the moment that we laid our eyes on him that he would fill our home with joy. There was one aspect our dog that his set him apart from the rest at the shelter, Sparky only had three legs.

It turned out that a car accident was the reason for the from the knee. Although we had never raised a that was missing a we were sure that a trip to the local veterinarian and a little research would give us all of the information we needed to provide him with a loving home.

Why Do We Have to Amputate?

Other, less common reasons that a dog would have a leg amputated included car accidents, abuse or neurological disorders. Rarely, a dog will be born with a limb missing.

Three legged often live content without their fourth leg. After a recovery period, the dog learns to adjust with the three legs and others may not even notice that the dog is missing a fourth. It can be traumatizing for the owners as well as the dogs, as we wonder about the pain and suffering that the dog may have from our decision to amputate. Each time amputation is suggested, it is suggested as the best option and therefore helps, rather than hinders the dog.

Mental and Physical Recoveries Happen Quickly

Animals are even more resilient than humans, especially in the case of a limb being amputated. Recovery time can take as little as week before the dog is mentally recovered. Of course, the physical trauma may continue as the dog learns to walk with three legs but even the limping, or hopping will eventually disappear. Every dog returns to the persona that they embodied before the amputation.

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