Golden Retriever Breeders

Buying a requires utmost prudence. The selection of the right breeder is the single most important factor that determines the kind of you bring home. Buying from a reliable and reputable dog breeder is the first step to ensure a healthy and sweet-tempered dog.

Pet shops and dog dealers are certainly not a wise choice. Profit being their main motive, they hardly take any care while breeding or raising the puppies. Backyard are an equally bad choice, as they are very casual about the breeding. The best source for puppies is serious hobby breeders. They are enthusiasts who are passionate about the breed and ensure that the finest dogs are bred.

Before buying a puppy one must make sure that the breeder is dependable. The breeder should be a member of a club or an all-breed club. This ensures that the breeder is aware of the ‘breed standards’ and has sufficient knowledge about the rules, regulations and practices of breeding. The breeder should be undertaking planned breeding, and should be breeding only one or two types of dogs. He should be able to provide references of other satisfied buyers and the veterinarian who is consulted. The breeder should be keeping his dogs and the litter in a clean and healthy environment.

A good breeder will invariably provide the necessary documents and information about the puppy, including the schedule of vaccination and de-worming, pedigree record of at least five previous generations, and an registration for the puppy in the name of the buyer. A would provide written instructions for the care of the puppy. The purchase is formalized by a contract and a warranty when you buy from a .

Another attribute of a responsible breeder is that he would elicit sufficient information from the buyer in order to make sure that the puppy would be going to a good home. Finally, a good breeder would be available for advice and help even after the puppy is sold.

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