How Dogs Maneuver Their Tails as Signals & Gestures: Part 2


Almost parallel, pointing away from the dog but not rigid is simply a sign that he wants attention. It means: “Something interesting might be happening.”

A horizontal that points away from the dog is part of a challenge when meeting a stranger or even an intruder. It means: “Let’s determine whose boss here.”

is in an upward position, between the horizontal and vertical position, this is a sign of dominance, or a dog that is declaring dominance. This means: “I’m the boss.”

A that is up and slightly curved over the back means: “I’m top dog.” This is an expression of a confidence. This dominant dog feels that he is in control.

A dog

A dog

A dog

A with bristling hair: this is clearly a sign of aggression. It may adapt to any . Therefore, this means: “I’m ready to fight if you are!” and with the dog slightly upward or over the back it means: “I’m not scared of you and will fight to prove

I’m the leader in this pack.”

A sharp bend in a dog tail (when held high) is a characteristic of a dog that looks like a wolf such as German shepherds. This means exactly the same as the bristling. It is the will lead to possible aggression.

A dog that has a broad

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