Guide dog owners' anger over access

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dog owners are being refused access to shops, transport, cafes and other venues when going about their daily lives, a charity says.

Complaints have risen by more than a third since last year according to research by charity .

The largest number of reported incidents involved eateries, with restaurants the worst offenders.

Nathan Redmond of Dogs Cymru said some problems were caused by staff acting on their own initiative.

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It’s against the law and ignorance of the law is a defence”

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“Sadly it’s the way it is for many dog owners and I’ve experienced it myself,” he told BBC Radio Wales.

“You may have a sign that says all dogs are not allowed apart from dogs but you’re actually still relying on the staff to actually carry out that order.

“In my own experiences I’ve had trouble going into major supermarket chains with the security staff trying to turn me away with a dog when of course they will all have a policy in place that says dogs and assistance dogs are welcome.”

Mr Redmond added that owners had also had problems at restaurants and cafes.


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