All About The Miniature Poodle Breed Standard

All About The Miniature Poodle Breed Standard
by Lisa A Collins

The Miniature is the middle sized of the three American Kennel Club types. (A fourth type – the Teacup – is not recognized). All types are considered the same breed – . The Standard (or biggest) Poodle is the oldest of the variations. But because they were so big and active, a smaller version was wanted for those who lived in smaller homes.

The stands about eleven to fifteen inches tall at their withers (the highest point of the shoulder.) They only average about fifteen to seventeen pounds, compared to a Standard’s average of fifty to sixty pounds

No Miniature Poodle will fulfill every requirement of the . If you are not sure what the Miniature Poodle is, even the one for (the big guys) will suffice. They are identical except for size. A Miniature Poodle is between eleven and fifteen inches tall at the shoulder. They should ideally weigh from fifteen to seventeen pounds, but the shelter dog will most likely be less or more than that.

Any Poodle information for Standard Poodles tends to also apply to Miniature Poodles, only on a smaller scale. Their are identical (again, except for size). They should be lean, athletic dogs under remarkably puffy coats. Their expression should be happy and lively. Their trot should be lively and bouncy, with their heads and tails naturally held high. Many show Poodles have their tails half docked – a practice which is thankfully dying out.

Their long and strong bodies have a level spine (called a topline in the dog show world), although some pet-quality Miniature Poodles will have a topline that slopes down to their hindquarters. The tail and head are naturally held high. The feet are oval in shape, although pet-quality Miniature Poodles will have splayed feet. The overall look of the dog is that all of the body parts should be in proportion to each other.

All official Poodle information says that the Miniature Poodle is solid colored only, but pet quality animals may have two colors on the same body. Their trot is lively and they seem to always be looking around for admirers. This is a dog that loves the paparazzi (or should I say, pupperazzi?) Poodle types are considered the second most intelligent in the world, just after the Border Collie.

The breed standard for any dog breed is an ideal representation of the breed, not necessarily based on any living example. But the breed standards can act as a good general guide for identifying dogs in shelters.

They don’t seem to care whatever clip they are given. Miniature Poodles are long lived (some have reached twenty) and is one of the more healthy breeds of smaller dogs available.

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