Dog Training Commands

Popular for Dog Training One of the first commands to is to “Come”. Then you can to “Heel” upon command.

We are often awed at watching fine in movies and in action. These finely trained bird never fail to heed their owners’ commands. Then we think – How could this be possible? You may wonder if will help bring out the best in your .

them to be a bird dog will bring out the best in your dog if you are willing to work consistently with them.

There are some breeds that have a natural , giving them the ability to becoming a good bird dog. Teaching them to obey basic commands is the best place to start. Professional dog trainers know how very important it is for dogs to understand what it is their owner wants from them. In this type of training, there are main commands that should be mastered by both the owner and the dog.

First is for them to learn the “Stay” command.

The most basic command is “Stay”

As the dog follows these commands completely, it is a clear picture on how obedient and respectful he is to his master. Complete is shown by obeying the command no matter how far the distance is between the giver of the command and the dog.

The ’Whoa’ or ’Easy’ command is useful for dogs that are going too far , when the dog is flushing the bird and the owner wants him to stop, or when the dog wants to play with the bird. When this happens it is easier for the owner to come to the dog and reward him for a well done.

Commanding them to ’Come’

This is a simple command used to train your dog to come to you every time you give it. The uses of this command are rather simple. A to teach them to come, would be that when retrieving something, they bring it back to you when instructed to do so. Some dogs can be stubborn and may want to play or even begin to go off in another direction. Giving this command will help cut down on the distance between you and your dog in case he decides to do things his way.

Teaching them to ’Heel’

If you want your dog to walk by your side, the right command to teach your dog is, ’Heel’.

It is normally matched with another one-word command such as “okay”, or “go” to signal his release. By using this command your dog will know they did a good during the hunt and you are pleased with them.

Whenever the dog performs well, never fail to give him a tap, a treat or a word of praise to acknowledge his performance. Fine dogs are born with the instinct to please their owners. If you can let your dog see that he is pleasing you with his performance and you want him to repeat it, the best thing you can do is to reward him. Over a period of time, he will learn to do the same actions for which he was rewarded and praised.

Bird takes dedication and persistence. It is because of this, there are few well trained bird dogs today. However, if you really want to turn your dog into a really good hunter, you should be ready to invest some time and patience in perfecting the basic commands used in his training.

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