Pet Massage

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Have you ever had all of your stress melted away with the help of a simple ? If so, you know how relaxing and soothing a massage can be. The same is true for your pet! In fact, may people are deciding to give their pets massages in order to help them heal more quickly from illness or injury as well as to provide them with an overall better sense of wellness.

The Benefits of Massage

Just as with humans, there are many benefits associated with giving a pet a massage. Some of the benefits of massaging your pet include:

or the circulation of its or lymphatic system

It should be noted that massage is not meant to replace . Rather, it is meant to work along with to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Types of Massage

Surprisingly, there are actually many different types of massage that may be used on a pet. These include:

With Efflurage, the entire body of the pet is rubbed, including rubbing down the outside and the inside of the limbs. A circular, hand-over-hand technique is used in order to stimulate the movement of blood. Kneading, on the other hand, is used to either stimulate the skin and or to stimulate the muscle fibers. This is accomplished by rolling and pinching the skin and applying the pressure directly to the muscle rather than to the .

Passive joint movement is different in that it involves stretching and moving the joints, making it similar to physical therapy. Proper positioning is crucial with this form of massage, as improper placement can actually cause trauma to the tissue and the joint. Passive touch is also different because it does not involve any type of movement or pressure. Rather, the hand is simply held in place for 30 seconds to 90 seconds in order to warm the tissue and calm the animal.

Stroking is similar to what many pet owners do when petting their animal friend, though it is also included as a part of the massage and is meant to be applied slowly and lightly at the end of the massage session. Tapotement, on the other hand, is intended to stimulate the pet and may involve tapping and brushing various muscle areas. Since this technique is so stimulating, however, it should never be used on a pet with a history of abuse.

There are numerous techniques that can be used when massaging a pet. Just as with humans, however, it is best to consult with a professional in order to obtain the best results from this form of therapy.

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