Police puppy plucked from pound

police puppy

POLICE DOG: A puppy left in a in a police chase has a new home with one of the officers who found her.

A puppy found in a car involved in a chase is back in – this time for the right reasons.

The dog, of a mystery breed and believed to be about six weeks old, was discovered cowering under a seat in a car after the occupants bolted Christchurch police on August 24. Police had pursued the car on Linwood Avenue after it failed to stop when asked.

A short time later it was found ditched but still housing the “very cute puppy”, a police spokesman said.

After a week spent at the pound waiting for its owners to come forward and claim it, the puppy has now gone to its new home – or homes.

The two officers who found the puppy both wanted the pooch after visiting it throughout the week, Christchurch Animal Shelter worker said.

“They were fighting over it so they might have tossed a coin for it, I don't know,” Woolley said.

The shelter heard nothing from its previous owners, and staff presumed it had been the property of the people involved in the police chase, who were too scared to reveal themselves by coming forward for the mystery dog.

The female puppy's breed is still a mystery, since the one male apprehended refused to tell them who owned her.

“We haven't got a clue what it is, but time will tell,” Woolley

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