Your Dogs Diet Can Lead To Protein And Kidney Failure

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Research has indicated that higher levels of protein in your ’s diet could lead to kidney failure. Do you know if what you are feeding dog is safe?  Are you harming the health of your by giving too much protein in your dog’s diet? 

The studies that showed a connection to high protein levels and that the started concerns about protein levels in a dog’s diets was not researched properly. The research was performed on , not dogs.  Rats mainly eat plants as their normal diet. Therefore a rats would mean it would have trouble digesting a diet containing high levels of protein. Rats have difficulty excreting protein due to their natural dietary needs, not because the causes kidney failure. 

So, where do we stand on protein in your dog’s diet? Dogs are naturally omnivorous. In the wild, dog’s would hunt or scavenge for food. The dog’s diet would normally be of both animals and plants. Naturally dogs are too.  because of this, a dog can easily cope with a diet consisting of 30% protein or more. 

When the is lowered in a dog’s diet, renal function does not improve. Renal are not less likely to form when a dog is being fed a low-protein diet.  It is not until a , or BUN, test indicates a level of 75, then a reduction in protein intake should be considered.    

If you have worries about how much protein is in your dog’s diet, you should make a appointment with you vet. Your  vet can advise you on your dog’s diet. 

It is not correct that dog’s can not normally digest high levels of protein. do not result from having high levels of protein in your dog’s diet. Large amounts of protein are digested safely in your dog’s diet, particularly when they mainly come from

Ten amino acids should be given in your dog’s diet through protein.  Only twelve of 22 amino acids can be produced in your dog’s liver.  Because of this meat such as heart, spleen, and meat by-products should all be in your dog’s diet. 

If you purchase high-quality dog food it should contain meat as the main ingredient. This will provide the right amount of protein in your dog’s diet. If you think about a dog in its natural environment. Would you see a wild dog grazing in a cornfield at mealtime?

Senior dogs should not be put on lower protein diets just because of age.  In fact, some older pets require a dog’s diet that is higher in protein than when they were at a younger adult stage.  Unless your vet advises not to, you should always provide your pet the advantage of quality protein in your dog’s diet.

Feeding your dog protein should not cause you concern.  We all want what is best for our dog’s and nature tells us that protein will help your dog to live a healthy life. If you have questions about protein and in your pet, then you should speak to your vet about your dog’s diet.

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