North And South Carolina

Columbia River at Quincy Wildlife Refuge

US 1 cuts North Carolina in half in it southern journey from Wise to Rockingham, just a few miles from the .

Route 1 visits many small burgs – Colon, Lemon Springs, , Niagara – before encoutering the and Fort Bragg. All you see is gently rolling green hills.

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A few more stops before Rockingham and crossing the State border to South Carolina.

Route 1 in South Carolina is very scenic – twixt Cheraw and and the Sandhills National Wildlife Reserve.

Scenic views

Hilton Head Island Fire & Rescue Emblem

abound in the tree lined hills in this region.  Picnic areas beckon where for you to enjoy a break from driving. Just like North Carolina, the highway slices South Carolina in half.

Additional small towns perch amongst gently rolling hills between Columbia and Augusta, just over the Georgia border.

The lies barely north of Graniteville, a Civil War history location. Route 1 takes you near the Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia, home of the famous Masters Golf Touney.

To see beautiful Hilton Head Island, it's a detour to take Route 25 from Columbia, joining I-95 south and exit at Hilton Head. It is a fairly long detour, but for a golfer, it's time well spent!

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