Poodle Training: Where To Start

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by Lisa A Collins

can make great pets, but it is important for any potential Poodle owner to be aware of what proper entails before going ahead and getting one of . The main reason for this is because Poodle is often much more difficult than training with other breeds of dog, especially because Poodles tend to be very stubborn dogs.

This is particularly important for people who are planning on introducing the dog to a home with children, so that there will not be a worry of the dog harming the children, either accidentally or on purpose. There are a few issues in particular that need to be addressed here, including housetraining, whining puppy, and chewing. All of these are going to be incredibly to teach to a , or any type of dog for that matter.

This includes housetraining, chewing, whining puppy and training the dog to be well behaved around children. No one should get a Poodle for a pet until they are sure that they will be able to give them the care and attention that they crave.

Also keep in mind that any area that the has access to in the home should be kept clear and clean. Otherwise, the dog will not be able to determine what he is allowed to play with and what he is not allowed to play with, and this can obviously result in being very confusing for them.

There a few things that should never be done here and in particular this means no chasing the to take something away because they will just think that they are playing. Remember that any area that the puppy is going to be playing in should be kept clean and clear, so that they will not become confused and be unsure of what they can play with and what they cannot.

Of all the issues that are involved in Poodle , there are some that will be more trying than others, but the important thing is that at the end of all this the dog will know the correct place to go and your home will not become a big doggie toilet.

Show your where you want it to go, whether outside or on a paper, and take it there every couple of hours. Reward good behavior and clean up any accidents immediately to prevent recurrence. Be consistent and patient to be successful with Poodle potty training.

There are several different training methods that can be used to train a Poodle, but positive reinforcement has shown to be the best. Use treats and both verbal and physical praise to show the dog when they are doing right and this will make them feel good and strive to do better. Training any dog often takes a lot of and requires a lot of patience, but it can be done, and it will be well worth it in the end.

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