REMINDER/World Dog Day August 26: A Dog's Health is Our Health

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TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Aug 26, 2013) – World Dog Day (August 26th) celebrates the bond between and dogs that has evolved over thousands of years in cultures all over the world. Dogs are highly adapted to living with and understanding humans, and as we increasingly share our lives with them we see clear links between our and theirs.

Worldwide, there are examples of the interconnection between dog and , and what happens when dog is ignored. Common problems that affect dogs all over the world include lack of vaccination against infectious diseases, inadequate and inappropriate nutrition, insufficient exercise, boredom, deprived social environments, unmanaged reproductive activity and behavior problems. These problems clearly affect the dogs but also affect humans when dogs become a nuisance or danger.

Kate Atema, Program Director for Companion Animals: “IFAW’s projects, whether in South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, China, North America or Germany, see common problems that are caused by failures of communities to ensure that dogs have the basic requirements for physical and psychological health. Neglected, abused and sick dogs result from, and exacerbate, societal problems. Everywhere we go the lives and well-being of dogs and humans are integrally linked.”

Here in Canada, many First Nations communities are struggling with dog-related problems that are often linked to human and safety and IFAW provides services and support to them via its Northern Dogs Project. Remoteness and lack of access to veterinary care is a primary concern in a number of First Nations communities, and it leaves dogs vulnerable to disease and illness that can, in some cases, be passed on to humans.

Jan Hannah, IFAW Project Manager for the Northern Dogs Project : “Canada’s

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