Dog Aggression Training

Aggression in a dog is something, which an owner should not tolerate and should be dealt with as soon as the problem arises.  However, in order for an owner to find the right kind of dog aggression training they should be using to control this problem they need to understand the kinds of aggression that suffer from. 

In this article, we take a look at just what these are.  It is important to remember that a dog may not only show just one type of aggression in fact they could show several.

1.  – This is where the dog you own thinks that they are in fact the of the group and will assert themselves more, especially against those they consider to be .  This type of aggression is often found in and certain breeds.  In order for you as the owner to bring this particular problem under control you will need to quickly establish who is (you).

2.  – This is type of aggression occurs when a dog feels insecure or frightened.  They will often react to a disturbance or when being approached by either barking, growling, they may bare their , snap or bite.  In some cases, if they feel cornered or threatened they may actually bite.  It is important that you do not think that your dog will grow out of this problem, as they will not.

3.  Territorial or Over Protective – This type of aggression in a dog could cause them to be a danger to anyone (not just strangers).  They will not only feel territorial about the things in your home, but will also feel territorial when they are out walking with you. 

4.  Possessive – This can make a real out of your dog, one minute they can loving and playful the next they are baring their teeth or snapping at you.  This will normally occur when you approach something that they consider to be theirs.  In many cases, a major trigger for this type of aggression is when you approach them when they are eating.  If you want to stop this problem, you need to react as soon as you notice it occurring.

5.  Punishment – This type of aggression normally occurs in a dog where they have been incorrectly punished or their owner is trying to exert their dominance of the animal.  Although they may not respond aggressively, in the beginning to such treatment over any period of time, things will change and sooner or later, they are going to turn and become aggressive.

Above we have looked at just a few of the types of aggression, which a dog may suffer from.  Only once you are able to identify just what type of aggressive behaviour it is your dog suffers from, can you then find the right kind of dog aggression training for them.  A quick search of the internet and you are going to be able to quite easily find the right kind of training for both you and your dog.

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