Dogs strut in Cape May doggie pageant

With the sun beaming down on 's Rusty Nail outdoor bar, dogs of all breeds and sizes strutted their stuff, along with their owners, in the bar's first doggie .

From a blue tutu on an English bulldog to a cheeseburger costume on a boxer, pet owners dressed their dogs in outfits that delighted the crowd Sunday afternoon. But who enjoyed the show more was a toss-up – the kids who eagerly sat up front, reaching out to pet the dogs as they walked the show loop, or the dogs themselves?

“He's loving it,” Diane Noren said of the attention received by Bonzo, her 21/2-year-old shih tzu, dressed as a scarecrow. Noren, of Cape May, went as Dorothy.

The pageant consisted of various segments, including costume, tricks, and a beer-chugging contest. Yes, beer. Sort of.

After seeing the popularity of the bar's pit among dog owners, the proprietors of the hotel decided to add a doggie menu this summer that includes for Dogs, a nonalcoholic, malt-like beverage made from chicken and barley.

With some help from their public-relations friends, Beach Shack owner Curtis Bashaw and general manager Sandy Montano came up with the idea to have a doggie pageant that would benefit the Animal Outreach of Cape May. The winning dog, Lexie, a 2-year-old Aussie mix, will have her face featured on next year's Bowser Beer bottles, Montano said. She also

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    • Lyndon Lee
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    @Hootandahalfable no, my ps4 doesn’t use gay things 😉

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    This is the game I’m getting at launch!!!

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    its Celldweller-Razorface ^___^

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    im i the only one pissed they havent shown new gameplay that shows theres more to this game.Don’t get me wrong i pre-ordered it but the closer the game gets the more i want to see what im getting.

    • Johan Van der Auwera
    • August 26, 2013

    I saw a nice movie, but what is the game about? What will I experience as a gamer? Useless movie!

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    where do you get that edition from

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    Is that a troll? hahaha

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    @hzqxtyb yeah you go that right ALSO! check this game is really damn addictive >> snipurl.com27nyok6

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